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Last night we put up our Christmas tree. It's a ritual we love. Set up the tree. Play amateur chiropractor. Align the Jaclyn Smith flocked K-Mart faux everwhite for best posture. Plug in the pre-lit tree. Sweep up the glitter that falls from the branches onto the floor. Pour a drink. Bring up the 4 bins of stockings, lights, themed candle holders, sleigh miniatures, Santa card holders, wreaths, nativity scenes & a North Pole hookah.

We delay gratification and save the best for last - 2 bins of ornaments wrapped in the crinkled tissue paper of Christmases past. Each one is a memory brought to life. It's our 17th Christmas together. We've got plenty of memories and a lot of ornaments. If it's possible to have too many we have officially passed into that territory.

We discuss getting rid of some - but which ones? Not the "Baby's first Christmas" ornaments my mom gave me for the birth of my niece and nephew. Not the Snoopy Bicentennial porcelain. Not the only Grand Canyon ornament we could find on our honeymoon. Certainly not the WI State capitol commemoratives. We couldn't bear to part with the plastic resin Gadsden Alabama High School wreath. Sacrilege! The ornaments from the bedroom Christmas tree my mom bought me when I was 6? Never! They become more precious every year.

Last night our best option became clear. It's time to get a 2nd tree.

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