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5 Things to Take on Your Next Cruise

After over 150 cruises, I know how to prepare for sea voyage.

5 simple things to consider: Body!

  • Get ready for your trip and the possibility of eating more than usual. A few weeks before your cruise hit the gym or take long walks. Not only will you lose a little preventative weight, you'll build your stamina which will help protect your energy when exploring all the great ports.


  • You won't have your usual cell service in most locations, but you'll need your phone for photos. Internet service is available. Set up iCloud Photo Sharing with friends. You can maximize MBs by storing your photos there and your best friends and favorite family can see them immediately!


  • Bring a few office supply binder clips with you. Most staterooms will have black-out curtains to help protect nap time. The binders can make sure there are no gaps in the curtains - and ensure you get the best rest possible.


  • You are not going to want for food - but you might control temptation by bringing some of your healthier favorites with you. I always bring pistachios and enough protein bars to have at least one per day.

A Good Book!

  • There are going to be wonderful shows and amazing activities - but you need something to occupy you during those in-between times. I hear people are saying good things about a new release called The Next Happiest Place on Earth. It's available at

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